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iPhone Ringtone MakeriPhone Ringtone Maker, a smart iPhone ringtone tool, provides all-in-one iPhone Ringtone solution. With the iPhone ringtone maker, you can create your own ringtones from all popular videos and audios, transfer them to iPhone directly. Furthermore, the iPhone ringtone maker can also trim video/audio to get the segment and make it your ringtone.

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This version is for Windows. For iPhone Maker for Mac, please click here.

Description of iPhone Ringtone Maker

1) iPhone users cannot make ringtones of their own.
One of the biggest iPhone complaints is the desire to have custom iPhone Ringtones. iPhone Ringtone Maker tool solves this by letting you make your own ringtones from the .MP3 files in your music library or any other audio/video files. It then automatically transfers them to iTunes or your iPhone such that you hear these fantastic ringtones when your acquaintances call you.

2) iPhone users have to buy ringtones with 2 bucks for each one. Expensive!!!!
Think of iPhone Ringtone Maker as your ultimate Apple iPhone accessory. iPhone RingTone Maker provides the user with an easy and intuitive cropping/editing tool for making their ringtones and saving them from having to pay for iLife 08 just to be able to use the ringtone feature in GarageBand.
It is fun, easy and you can make unlimited ringtones without any charges or montly fees.

3) When your favorite artist releases a new song that you just have to have as ringtone but the song is not available as a ringtone yet, you can use this Ringtone Maker.

4) If you want your ringtone to be a classic song from the 90s or earlier /need a segments of the song, use Ringtone Maker to clip the music.

5) The Apple iPhone comes with an alarm clock which does not allow you to use any of your custom sounds. However, with iPhon eRingtone Maker, you now have the freedom to set you alarm clock sound to any of your favorite tunes from your music library.

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Powerful features will bring you brilliant experience to make iphone ringtone and put them onto your iPhone. Free Download iPhone Ringtone Maker to have a test now!

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